Finest selected Materials:

We invested a lot of time to select the most beautiful marble stones for you. Nature forms  the colors, the veins and the grains of every marble over hundred thousands of years in it’s own special way, so that every piece is essentially a unicum. Just as the complexity of this formation process, so are the infinite possibilities of our marble textures.

We wanted every piece to be exceptional, so that our products were designed in a way, that the materials simply stand out. The texture of the stones flows beautifully over the sharp edges, so that you can really feel the intimidating force of nature.

Our selected portfolio ranges from one of the most famous stones – Bianco Carrara – right from the heart of Toscana in Italy, over to some extremely special marbles such as a “Black Wood Marble” or the “Ice Tiger”, that we haven’t seen before; up to one of the most boutique and precious marble stones world wide: the Golden Portoro Classico.

CNC-Machining & Handcrafted processing:

Every product requires hours of skilled work. After a special CNC machine precisely cuts out the marble housings from our selected slabs, stonemasons finish every piece individually by hand. Piece by piece. They process and smoothen the sides of the stone, optimizes the top and bottom edges, add a very finetuned bevel of 0,5 mm on the top edge and continue to deeply polish the surfaces of the stones until it’s perfect.