Dark Wood Edition

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Color: Rose Gold
MRBL Wireless Charger are equipped with the latest 15W fast charging technology.

Due to the passive cooling of stone and aluminium, MRBL Wireless Charger have one of the most stable and therefore fastest charging speeds on the market.

Each stone housing is handcrafted by experienced stonemasons and then carefully assembled in Berlin.

Before shipment, each individual device is subjected to various quality and functional tests.

General compatibility:
Qi-compatible smartphones

Compatible smartphone models:


iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8,


S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5

Google Nexus 6, Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 4


V30, V30s+ ThinQ, V30s ThinQ, G7 ThinkQ, G3, G4

Mi 9, Mi MIX 2S, Mi MIX 3

8 Sirocco

Xperia XZ2

Handmade stone enclosure

Marble is one of the most exclusive materials in the world. Each case is handcrafted by experienced stonemasons.

Maximum charging speed

With 15W fast charging technology, MRBL Wireless Charger achieves the charging speeds you're used to from cable charging.

Quality from Germany

Each device is carefully assembled by hand in Berlin and undergoes various quality and functional tests before shipping.

Dark grey wood grain

Dark Wood Marble

This unmistakable stone is characterized by a very special grain. The dark grey color gives the stone elegance and its appearance is hardly distinguishable from real dark wood.



There are voices that say that modern rooms are cold and have no personality. But nothing could be further from the truth. Modern living spaces can be warm, inviting and sometimes even cosy. MRBL Wireless Charger fit perfectly into any modern environment and enhance any modern home interior.



MRBL Wireless Charger are beautiful handcrafted products made from hand-picked marble slabs. Handcrafted in our workshop, we attach importance to every single detail and thus create an extraordinary product.